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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Avalanche Peak - Crow Hut

Glorious views of Mt Rolleston from the Crow Valley

The Avalanche Peak - Crow hut is in my opinion the best weekend trip there is out of Christchurch. Arthurs Pass is less than 2 hours drive from the city, but the quality of tramping is amazing. A stiff 3 hour climb to Avalanche Peak is all too easy with the views on offer. From a rocky summit for lunch, some tricky navigation to join the main ridge brings out the map and gives the trip a wilderness feel. An exciting scree slope takes you to the Crow Valley, interesting river hopping to the hut in a peaceful corner of the bush. The views up valley to Mt Rolleston are killer, and make you want to ascend the Crow Glacier to gain the High Peak. Later. Down river for a few hours along track with a great flow spits you out on the stony Waimakariri where limited gravel bashing finishes off a great adventure.

The Bealey valley aside the Scotts Track

Punchbowl falls

Mountain surfing to Avalanche

Eyeing up the pesky predator

Ice axe and crampo... running shoes

Enjoying the wet summer snow

The perilous scree slope

Worn out after a tough day

Crow Hut with Mt Bealey range behind

Evening dip in the Crow


A worthy weekend tramp

Keeping the feet dry on the Waimakriri

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